Residential Heat Loss/Heat Gain of entire home, additions, or rooms is essential in today’s economy. Let our professionals save you money and resources on your residential projects. Our analysis is based on the following criteria:

  1. Length, Width and Height of Structure (additions, individual rooms, or entire homes)
  2. Length of exposed walls
  3. Length and width of exposed ceilings
  4. Sizes of exposed windows and doors
  5. Direction (north, south, east, west)
  6. Insulation thickness or r-values in walls, floors, and ceilings
  7. Structure over basement, crawlspace, slab on grade
  8. Type of equipment desired
    1. Forced Air
    2. Hot Water Baseboard
    3. Hot Water Radiant
    4. Natural Gas or LP Gas
    5. Electric
    6. Central Air
    7. High Velocity Air
    8. Mini Split
    9. Other Options?
  9. Ducting or piping in basement, attic, crawl or slab


Commercial Heat Loss / Heat Gain 

There’s no room for waste in today’s business climate. Our commercial services will ensure your clients are running at peak efficiency.

Commercial Heat Loss/Heat Gain of commercial buildings uses all of the criteria for residential along with the following:

  1. Use of structure (office, retail store, restaurant and other)
  2. Occupancy per room
  3. Wattage and number of lights per room
  4. Number of computers, copiers, or other heat generating equipment
  5. Amount of ventilation
  6. Commercial kitchens (ventilation, heat generation, equipment grilles, deep fryers, dishwashers, etc. )


System Layout & Design Services

Still planning your project? Our professional team offers computerized design of efficient heating and cooling systems.

Our friendly TTI design team can plan a complete heating and cooling system that will deliver you the maximum comfort with minimum cost. Available for new and rehabilitation projects.

Contact us to find out more: 800-421-2865